• Special Events

  • Spartan Security Services special events staff is able to provide both high profile and low profile services for your event or venue. Providing a safe and secure environment for your attendees or clients is our main priority. We partner with the event planners or posts to ensure all security requirements are met and held to the highest standards.


  • Spartan Security Events Staff
  • Keeping Your Event Fun, Safe and Secure

    Regardless of the size of your Venue our staff understands the value of safety for all performers and guests of any type of venue.

    During the planning of any event, we recognize there are many things to consider with regards to a security staff such as, fire, life and safety, maximum capacity issues, identifying potential crowd control issues, discovering problems before they occur and regulating access control to sensitive areas within any venue. 

    Our special events staff will conduct screening of all guests and items being brought in to your location, and we will quickly respond to any potential crowd control issues and deal with unruly or unwanted individuals quickly and safely as possible as not to disrupt any activities that are ongoing.

    Our main focus is on the deescalating all situations as quickly as possible and providing a safe environment while maintaining customer service at a professional level. All officers are first Responder trained to provide basic medical attention if the unfortunate need arises.

    Our staff possesses excellent verbal and communication skills, and are available to work various shifts, and have command presence as well as leadership qualities, capable of dealing with high-profile clientele.

    We value our clients, tastes and expectations and the look and feel our clients are expecting to achieve. Our dress code and attire will match the theme of your event, and our staff members are capable of securing a large or small crowd.


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    We are also sensitive to the needs of the entertainment industry, with our Special Event Production Security Staff for Film and Television, we secure your production trucks, location sets, production equipment, arrival of cast and crew members, access control for closed and open sets, as well as "hot sets", and work with local set Police and Fire Department personnel, and after the film is released, our staff is well prepared to conduct Event Security at the movie premiere live on the red carpet. Our Special Event staff services includes:

    • Concert / Club Promotions
    • Special Venues
    • Sporting Events
    • Movie Premieres
    • Trade Shows
    • Film Production