• Residential/Hotel Security

  • Our Specific Duties and Responsibilities are Customized to Your Needs

    Spartan Security Services, strategically designs security operations for: Residential Properties, Apartment Complexes, Gated Communities, H.O.A., Hotels  Resorts and Leisure Locations. Our Patrol Officers will designate specific, designated patrol zones according to the clients property lines. We Offer highly trained Security Professionals for your valuable property who are focused on safety and customer service. Spartan's staff will patrol these areas via foot patrol, bike patrol and or vehicle patrol. This coverage of your property will help enforce your policy, regulations and hospitality all while investigating and documenting any facility incidents. This is the only way to insure all employees, associates, facilities personal, residents, guest's, visitors, vendors and contractors are provided with a safe and professional working, vacation or living environment. All our Security Patrol Officers report directly to the Security Supervisor,  who will in turn follow the chain of command. 


  • Spartan Security Services

    • Our Patrols assigned to posts on foot, bike, or patrol vehicle are to maintain visibility as well as observe and report possible unusual activity.
    • We investigate and report maintenance and safety conditions which might endanger clients, and or associates, or public safety.
    • We ensure that daily administrative documentation is kept concise and complete at all times. Maintaining all daily assigned equipment in functional and presentable condition is paramount.
    • We respond to all requests for assistance relayed by Dispatch personnel, Supervisors or client. Complete various company or client assignments as required; submitted reports to superior officer.
    • We investigate security related accidents/incidents, interview witnesses, complainants, and victims. Responsible for gathering physical evidence and preserving it for future use; completed report and follow-up with management as needed.
    • We investigate and report fires, evacuations, hazardous situations or other facility related events, and provide backup to client personnel.
    • Our responsibilities include crowd control and assisting Police Department and or Fire Department/EMS or any other officials during these processes. Maintaining control at traffic accidents, assisting victims, and investigate causes.
    • We are responsible for ensuring access control via access gates and detour or investigate any crimes. Also to detain individuals responsible for crimes on clients property.
    • We ensure that client, its associates, and facility personnel are provided with a safe and professional environment.
    • We have an obligation for maintaining state and client requested certifications. All documentation and fees are the responsibility of our employee unless otherwise noted.
    • Site specific training is completed by Officer within the first thirty days, unless otherwise stated based on client and or assignment of position. 
    • Our Security Professionals's Uniform, attire and grooming standards must be maintained  by the Officer at all times while in uniform. 
  • Spartan Security Residential Patrol

    Spartan Security Services Badge (Officer)


    Spartan Security Professionals require a High School diploma (or GED) with successful completion of courses designated by the individual state qualifications; or any equivalent combination of education, specialized training and experience which provides the prerequisite knowledge, skills, and abilities.  Must maintain required level of proficiency and certification in the use of prescribed defensive tactics and possess a valid California State driver’s license. Security professionals must complete state Guard Certification as prescribed by presiding state law.