• Public Safety/Campus Security

  • Providing a Safe and Enjoyable Environment

    Retail tenants, staff, shopping center patrons, food court patrons and college students all want to feel secure and welcome at your location, and or parking facilities. If those who visit your location do not feel secure, they may not return. And with this unsafe feeling, a customer or patron could generate bad publicity, promoting negative feelings about your establishment, preventing customer retention and overall customer satisfaction, resulting in a negative customer experience. 

    Shopping centers, malls and college campuses all have unique challenges that must be taken into consideration, when designing an effective public safety, and campus security strategy, which means you need to partner with experience providing effective security solutions. We provide customer services, and safety to your customers which, promotes an overall exceptional customer experience. 

    At Spartan Security Services, we understand your unique security needs and have experienced, highly trained security professionals providing the atmosphere every customer desires when shopping. Our shopping mall officers can.

    • Deter groups of unsupervised juveniles
    • Work crowd control for special events
    • Help deter theft
    • Respond rapidly to active criminal incidents
    • Assist in medical emergencies
    • Find lost children
    • Patrol parking areas
    • Reduce overall liability and increase customer satisfaction