• Retail Loss Prevention/Shopping Centers

  • Spartan's Retail Loss Prevention team has been trained to help identify, monitor and help reduce sources of both internal and external shrinkage as well as assisting in reduction of liability issues due to "negative contacts". Our "L.P." staff main focus is the protection of your staffs safety, the protection of all assets and the integrity of your property. We are committed to these practices to preserve our clients peace of mind as well as their bottom line.

  • We Eliminate Shrinkage Through Asset Protection

    We believe profit preservation is one of the most important part of any business next to client satisfaction. All business want to reduce loss and our team is tasked with preventing loss by conducting both electronic and close up surveillance, detention of those whom would seek to conduct illegal activity, providing detailed documentation, recovery of items and testify to all activity in a court of law.  Other actions include:

  • Spartan Security Services
    • Identifying potential areas of loss
    • Assisting with inventory counts
    • Conducting electronic and floor observations
    • Performing detentions of suspected wrong doers
    • Completing detailed investigations and reports
    • Interaction with local Law Enforcement
    • Continues customer service

     We Pay Attention to Loss, So You Can Focus On Gains

    Spartan's Loss Prevention team also conducts training for your staff, employees and managers on the actions of "Shoplifters" and how to identify their tools. Topics cover things such as 'booster bags', fraudulent returns, fitting room monitoring, employee honesty checks, identifying "blind spots" and card cloning to name a few.