• Field Inspectors/Security Consultants

  • Security Field Inspector Overview

    Spartan Security Services offers Field Inspectors, as well as Consulting Services to help solve the most complicated crimes, and to insure client satisfaction. Field Inspectors also known as "FI’s", perform detailed security inspections, investigations, surveillance, and research for our clients, and focuses on both internal and external subject matters.

    Our Field Inspectors are well trained in supervision, and are a professorial mobile team responsible for insuring all posts, and security personnel are in their assigned areas, and to insure all posts and locations are fully staffed and operating correctly. The FI conducts general Security Officer inspections, as well as routine checks of our clients properties, inspects Security Officer's uniforms, documentation of incidents, general paperwork, and Guard Card Registrations. The FI also gathers client satisfaction inquires, transportation of documentation, and or security equipment as needed.

    Within any given case, a Field Inspector, and or Security Consultant performs interviews, and observes any given situation, to ascertain the nature of who, what, where, when, why and how, any given incident has occurred, and this is provided as a standard service to our clients.

    Field Inspectors and Security Consultants specializes in several types of investigations. For example, a field inspector may investigate corporate espionage, or perform employee honesty checks. Spartan’s FI’s are able to conduct interviews, both on site at your location, or in our officer for confidential reasons. Our FI’s follow-up and interview primary persons and or witnesses related to any case. He or she then compiles all valid information, writes up a fully detailed report for our client, with all findings and supplies, as well as an overall summary of the case.

    Duties vary by investigation, but all core tasks are basically the equivalent. Additionally, Field Inspectors conduct online research via libraries and databases, as well as referencing creative resources to track down addresses, as well as other confidential information. Inspections conducted in the field also include surveillance of locations and individuals, which applies to direct means of gathering of information when interviewing subjects within a line of questioning to gather intelligence. 

  • Key Responsibilities of Field Inspector

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    Field Inspector responsibilities include, conducting investigations for gathering of information about a person, place, or situation. Working as part of an investigating team, gathering valuable information from a fraud or crime scene. Investigation of a situation and or circumstances for gathering proofs, witnesses, and other references that bring forward facts behind the chain of specific events. As well as to thoroughly inspect on duty Security personnel, such as making sure Security Officers are at their assigned posts, uniforms and equipment issues, documentation of onsite incidents, training etc.

    Our Mobile Field Inspection Supervisor Staff Duties Include:

    • Conducting field investigation on appointed cases, making recommendations on additional field tasks involved while conducting the investigation, and assigning additional staff for carrying out the investigations in after-hour time periods.
    •  Recording the interviews, carrying out detailed surveillance of the workplace for evidence, conducting activities checks, etc., for unveiling facts about the incident.
    •  Investigating with third party witnesses, security in charge for investigating fraud reports, false premises, fake arrests, etc., coordinating with investigation experts for locating potential fraud action by involving the third party in investigation, and reconstructing the events / accidental happenings for obtaining the detailed analysis of the situation.
    • Collaborating with local administration, and communicating with State and Local Law Enforcement Officials, and Field Investigation Programs for monitoring the investigation process as per laws and guidelines.
    •  Combining reports from physical evidence analysis, circumstances studies, studying the behavior of suspected convicts, and forensic analysis for drawing exact conclusion about the crime / incident.
    •  Solving cases of varied fields like, insurance claims' issues, security threats, character assessment, background check, etc., making necessary recommendations about the nature of crime / suspect to the senior investigating authorities and providing the investigation reports and evidences in an unbiased way.
    •  Inspect on duty Security personnel, insuring Security Officers, Event Staff, Public Safety Officers and Patrol are at their assigned posts, uniforms are sharp and equipment is updated. All documentation of onsite incidents is examined and any training issues are addressed.



  • Key Responsibilities of Security Consultant

    Our Security Consultants work as advisers for all security measures necessary to effectively protect a company or client’s assets. Security Consultants use their knowledge and expertise to assess possible security threats and breaches in order to prevent them. Security Consultants covers a wide range of Security related jobs, including the protection of property, financial assets, valuable objects, people, and information. 

    Primary Responsibilities:

    • Analyzing the client’s assets and identifying which security measures are needed:

    o    Interviewing clients to identify possible security threats.

    o    Establishing the necessary security parameters.

    o    Deciding on the best security measures available.

    •  Establishing security protocols and policies, as well as designing security plans to protect the client’s assets:

    o    Creating a set of rules and security standards.

    o    Designing policies to protect the client’s interests.

    o    Implementing security measures, providing technical supervision and advice as required.

    •  Meeting with clients:

    o    Explaining security protocols and measures to clients, as well as all related costs (e.g. Staff, equipment, and maintenance).

    o    Checking with clients for other possible security issues.

    •  Running vulnerability tests:

    o    Performing risk assessment tests.

    o    Analyzing possible breaches.

    o    Designing countermeasure plans so as to eliminate risks as much as possible.

    o    Writing and presenting reports based on findings.

    •  Coordinating a team of security specialists:

    o    Hiring and training new members of the team.

    o    Assigning tasks to each member of the team.

    o    Creating a schedule of work shifts to provide 24-hour protection when needed.

    o    Coordinating and supervising all team activities.

    o    Assessing emergency situations and coordinating an appropriate response.


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