• Alarm Response

  • Spartan Security Services provides quick alarm response to individuals, businesses, and corporations, as well as dozens of private alarm companies who contract our services. Alarm response not only deters or prevents criminal activity; it helps avoid the possibility of paying substantial fees to law enforcement for false alarm violations.

    Patrols may be random or dedicated inspections of your property. Our officers in the field respond quickly to a request from all monitoring companies or direct alarms. Patrol officers file detailed reports with management after each patrol, ensuring that we are aware of any incidents and that we can continually improve our services.

  • Spartan Security Services
  • Other Response Team Feature Services / Benefits Include:

    • Clearly marked patrol vehicles to deter possible crimes
    • Both random and pre scheduled times for patrols
    • Verification of each alarm to eliminate false alarm calls to Local Law enforcement
    • Eliminates disruptive nonproductive calls to owner or manager of the location